Not only Americans retire!

As we are at the beginning of our journey in searching for perfect places to retire, we wanted to study the “competition”, meaning other sites and blogs dedicated to this subjects. We looked for other sites that write about how it is to retire in a specific place and why one place is better than the other.

We were surprised to see that ALL the sites are exclusively about how to retire in US. And when we tried to find something about how to retire in Europe or in Australia, we found only a few articles about that and all of them written from the perspective of a person looking on how to retire abroad. Meaning … written by Americans for Americans. Weird ?

Of course, there are the famous annual tops about the best and fabulous 10 or 20 places to retire in the world, written by magazines like Forbes in which, of course, Europe is mentioned quite a lot. But other than that, we only found a few blogs that are centered on a distinct city or region in a particular country in Europe. Nothing quite like the dedicated sites for retirement in US.

With that in mind, that not only Americans retire and that Europe needs a dedicated website about retirement in this amazing ancient and historical continent, we decided to found It is not gonna be just about Europe, but at least at the beginning it’s going to be centered on that.

We hope you will enjoy it!

Because retirement is for everybody!

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